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Diamond Cements

Narsingarh is a small village between the banks of two rivers - Kopra and Sonar. It is about 20 kms. away from Damoh on the Damoh-Chhatarpur State Highway No.37. It takes its name from its ancient ruler, Narsingh. In the history of Madhya Bharat, Narsingarh assumes great importance because it was the gate way from North to the Central India. Mughals invaded it and after a fierce battle captured it and changed its name from Narsingarh to Nasrathgarh. Marathas invaded it and captured it from the Mughals and restored its original name. Britishers subjugated it from the Marathas. It had an ancient Fort, the remnants of which are still standing as mute witnesses to the history of Narsingarh. The present population of the village is around 7000 and the main occupation of the local population is agriculture. Its climate is tropical and it receives moderate rains. Because of the Limestone deposits in and around it, Mysore Cements Ltd., a Company owned and controlled by the “House of Birlas”, constructed a large cement plant - Diamond Cements - at Narsingarh with a capacity of One million tons per annum. The unit started production in the year 1983.

Diamond Cements Ltd. at Narsingarh.

Diamond Cements at Narsingarh has been a boon to the people of the area. It provides direct employment to about 1200 people and indirect employment to a large number of local people. In line with the basic philosophy of the Management to take good care of its employees, it has built an excellent township with all modern amenities like good residential complex, Co-Operative Store, Dairy,  CBSE affiliated English medium school, Hospital, Cable TV connections, Recreation Club etc.. An aerial view of the place shows the factory and adjacent areas as an oasis as a result of the extensive tree plantation done by it in an otherwise barren stretch of bushy and rocky landscape.


The Administrative Building

Diamond Cements, Narsingarh, has constructed a New Administration Building for housing its Commercial Departments. The Building was inaugurated on 20.11.99 by Shri N.L. Hamirwasiaji, Managing Director, Mysore Cements Ltd., pooja and Prasad distribution took place between 6.30 and 8.30 AM on that day. Distinguished guests from Damoh and other places participated in the Pooja and inaugural function.

The Building is unique in its design and architecture not only in Damoh District, but also in the entire Sagar Commissionerate. It symbolises the composite culture of the Country. The spacious and splendid rooms have incorporated in themselves, the modern office concepts, advanced information technology and easy access.


Narsingarh could boast of no other shop or establishment than one small way-side tea stall housed in a thatched hut selling tea and “pan”. It served only one glass of drinking water to its valued customers who ordered for a cup of tea and not to any other. Drinking water was so scarce in Narsingarh before Diamond Cements came into existence. Wholesome drinking water is made available to the local population for the first time by it. It has provided water taps to almost all families in Narsingarh Village. In addition to providing water taps in houses, public taps at various places have also been provided.


Radha-Krishna Temple

The Company has built a magnificent Radha-Krishna Temple, besides a Hanuman Temple, within the Township Complex where religious discourses by learned Saints and Pandits are held on auspicious occasions. The temples in the township are open to the local population and villagers throughout the year and a large number of them visit and worship in the temple every day. An old Shri Ram Temple in Narsingarh Village which was abandoned and lying in dilapidated condition ever since Britishers’ time was renovated by the Company and this is now one of the most beautiful temples in the area. Apart from this, the Company has renovated and is maintaining other temples in several adjoining villages.